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OPENBOOK provides a true portal of transparency for state government, where every dollar donated to a campaign is recorded and can be traced back to any state contract awarded. By combining information from the Comptroller’s accounting system with information collected by the Illinois State Board of Elections, Illinoisans are able to enter the name of an organization that does business with the State of Illinois and look at the political contributions that entity or their employees made.


To begin your search choose one of the three main tabs. Once you have chosen a tab and yielded results on your search, you can narrow the results by using the available filters and/or using the sorting arrows at the top of each column.

  • In the “Contracts” tab enter the name of a state vendor. (e.g. Company A)
  • In the “Contributors” tab enter the name of a person or business that made a contribution to a campaign. (e.g. Smith, John)
  • In the “Recipients” tab enter the name of a political campaign or candidate. (e.g. Citizens for So-n-So)

OpenBook Tutorial: How Do I Begin My Search?


OpenBook Tutorial: Understanding the Contracts Tab and Sub-Tabs